Tree Meanings

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Alder is said to be beneficial when clearing out old emotions which are holding you back. It is especially good for the emotions of grief and sorrow. The tree often thrives near ponds, which can represent an emotion which is stagnant or not free-flowing. Alder helps to get things moving again on an emotional level. 

Almond can teach us patience and offers a reminder to appreciate what we have in life. All trees that offer food can give us information on things that we need to digest; the almond asks that you take your time in making the decisions around you now.

Apple has strong connections to desire and indicates that the heart is about to be opened. There could be a new intimate love, or maybe a deepening of an existing connection. There could be an increase in the presence of temptation at this time, but it's likely to be good for you. 

Ash is a reminder that you need to have roots. If you've been unsettled, you could try planting things in your garden, or somewhere else close by. Wisdom is promised if you can maintain a connection with the land that surrounds you, and if you happen to live in the city - visit the parks.

Aspen brings fun and laughter. If you need life to lighten up around you, then Aspen is the one to call on. If you've happened upon this tree by chance, you are being told to stop taking things so seriously. It can also help you to face your fears.

Bamboo stresses the importance in remaining flexible - this plant promises that you won't break. The presence of bamboo suggests that you are capable of multi-tasking and mustn't worry about spreading yourself too thinly. You may lean towards modesty, yet you can still pride yourself on your ability to stand tall.

Beech can help to increase tolerance towards others that are from different backgrounds. There is energy available to improve communication both written and spoken. A good tree to call on if you suffer from forgetfulness.

Birch is a symbol of newness and beginnings. This tree tells us that we have to let go of anything that is holding us back from taking a step in a new direction. It offers nurture and support to those brave enough to look at life with the eyes of a child.

Cedar symbolises healing and protection. It has many ancient connections and is considered both sacred and noble. Its presence indicates that integrity and wisdom are yours for the taking and all you need to do is trust the process that is ongoing inside of you.

Cherry is a highly fertile tree and reminds you that there will always be an opportunity to start from the beginning. If you want to increase nurturing for your soul, then you must learn to recognise when the trees you pick from are becoming barren.

Cypress gives us the sign which says we are facing our fears and learning to navigate the undercurrents that surround us. It can also indicate that we are connected to a very deep part of our self that needs further exploration and understanding. 

Elder offers to cleanse, and the energy needed to release the old and outworn. Use this tree if you are struggling to accept changes or move forward. Considered sacred to Venus and an excellent ally if you need to detox.

Elm is said to help with the ability to talk to faeries and other elementals, so if you're not into drugs this could be the way to go! If you don't want to talk to the wee people, this tree will enhance communication with humans too.

Eucalyptus is a medicinal tree which can help us understand our dreams better. It acts as a protector whilst we sleep and can also help to slow down energy that is too intense. Can be useful if you're finding it hard to breathe emotionally.

The Fig is the tree that helped Buddha find enlightenment. It has strong connections to abundance and tells us to use our past success as a base for our future endeavours. Can also be a sign that you're about to let go of some of the shit from your life.

Hawthorn can help with situations or people that need to be purified. It offers a certain amount of protection if you are trying to rid yourself of elements that are destructive to further growth. It's another one of those trees that attracts the little people.

Hazel has strong magical properties and is a favourite of witches. Good for intuition and connecting to the inner light. Frequently used for making wands and dowsing rods. Hazel is apparently useful for finding your inner child too.

Hickory is said to teach persistence during difficult times. It offers a sense of strength and shows how patience and flexibility can help us to endure so that we may ultimately achieve our goals.

Holly can be helpful if you feel the need to increase your sense of protection so that you can open your heart to love more. Because of the associations with the winter solstice, it can often signify that the darkest hours are now gone. It is also said to enhance magic.

The Joshua Tree is said to be connected to having strength and endurance during emotionally dry periods (because it grows in the desert). Its shallow roots are a reminder that this phase does not have to last long, and we can uproot any time we please and plant ourselves somewhere else.

Lemon has a great energy for clarity of thought. It brings the ability to re-focus and acts as an excellent all-round stimulant. Lemon can help to make life feel cleaner and clearer.

Lilac can stimulate the spiritual side of life, and as such can aid growth in that area. It can triggers memories from childhood and help you to regain your lost innocence.

Linden is the tree that offers the ability to see beyond surface appearances. It is said that the Linden brings healing, and also balance.

Magnolia is said to enhance fidelity within relationships (because of its resilience to pests). If the flowers are brought into the home, they will help calm erratic energy.

Mango can help us to increase our ability to be intuitive without becoming overly sensitive to the point we get irritated by the slightest thing.

Maple symbolises the balancing of male and female energies. The maple can show us how to get the sweetness out of life.

Oak has always had associations with strength, wisdom, and protection. The acorns are a symbol of fertility and creativity. The oak offers reassurance when you're feeling vulnerable, and it is said that acorns or oak twigs placed in windows will protect against lightning strikes.

Olive not only offers peace, but an antidote to premature ageing both physically and emotionally. When we have been beaten by life we lose vigour and youthfulness; olive can help to restore what was lost. Olive also indicates that we can now find solid ground and if we've been feeling overwhelmed we should start to feel at ease again.

Orange is another tree that offers cleansing but also brings a sense of renewal. Orange can help us to rediscover our childhood zest for life so that we can increase our vibrancy.

Palm is said to stop evil from entering into an area which gives this tree the ability to protect the self from negative influences. It may be worth looking more closely at those around you to see if you need to create some distance.

Peach can help to bring gentleness into your life. It is also known for its connections to immortality, and because of this, it offers wisdom that normally comes with age.

Pine is symbolic of a major cleansing. Known for its ability to kill germs, it has the effect of getting rid of those issues and people around you that are dis-eased in some way.

Poplar carries the message that to succeed we need to get out there and make things happen quickly, and it promises fast rewards to those who are prepared to go with the flow. It is a tree that needs little nourishment, but unlike the Joshua tree, this one has roots that are strong and deep.

Redbud tells you that trust in the creative self is needed, but you must be more expressive about your soul needs. There's an indication of an increase in passionate love too, and the more you can communicate about this - the more it will grow.

Redwood is a huge tree with an extensive lifespan. The signs are saying you have good protection around you, and whilst it may not be the most fruitful time in your life you have the space to take a step back and gain a better understanding of the situations around you.

Rowan gives us the message that it's time to develop more self-control and discernment. The energy can increase protection against external influences. Some sources say that the presence of Rowan is a sign of increased inspiration and will help with originality.

Spruce is said to help if you need to clarify the direction you are taking in life. It has strong emotional healing properties and can increase sensitivity to feminine energy.

Sycamore can help to secure a stronger connection to nature. It can also be taken as a sign that there is plenty of nurture around, and all you need to do is open yourself up to it.

Walnut can indicate that there are many hidden messages that you have access to. As a symbol of the natural cycles of life, it serves as a reminder that as one door closes another opens.

Willow is a beautiful tree that represents healing on all levels. This tree is also said to be good for improving psychic ability for all forms of divination. The weeping willow is especially good for delving into emotions.

Wisteria is said to open psychic doorways. Artists can use the energy of this tree to find inspiration in other realms of existence. Wisteria is the one to use if you need to attract good vibrations.

Yew can represent death on a psychological (not physical) level. It is the symbol of eternity and can often be found in graveyards and represents both transition and transformation.