Flower Meanings

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There's an old tale of using flowers as a method of communication between lovers so they could go about their daily business without attracting too much attention to themselves. I think it’s a very sweet way to express a sentiment and think it’s a shame it doesn’t get used more often today. Finding meaning in the small things is what gives us pleasure, and this seems like a fairly simple yet effective way of injecting meaning into life.

Very little material is available on this, but one source I am aware of is The Complete Book of Fortune. It was first published in 1936 and made available again in 1995. You could also look at the nature-based oracles which are currently available. They'll often contain at least some cards that show flowers. I cannot say how accurate it is, only that it rang true enough for me at times.

If you are feeling happy in a relationship, I'd stay away from the snapdragons and narcissus and maybe stick to pinks and reds for love and passion. As a rule, yellow is friendship - so leave the yellow roses for your mum and your mates.


Apple Blossom: goodness and beauty.      

Azalea: moderation is needed at this present time.

Begonia: someone is watching you.

Bluebell: faithfulness.

Buttercup: radiance and happiness. 

Carnationpink, encouragement. 
white, purity. 
red, passionate love. 

Carnationpink, encouragement. 
white, purity. 
red, passionate love. 

Cherry Blossom: growing friendship

Chrysanthemumbronze, valuable friendship. 
red, deep love. 
white, truth and belief. 
yellow, their heart is given to another.   

Clematis: respect for intelligence.   

Cornflower: gentleness is required.  

Crocus: optimism and new beginnings.

Cyclamen: indifference. 

Daffodil: unrequited love. 

Dahliared, feelings are being misread. 
white, defensiveness.
yellow, differences may not be overcome.

Daisyfield, answers will come within days.
michaelmas, love will not grow here.
moon, age difference cannot be overlooked.
oxeye, hope, there is a chance that love can grow.

Dandelion: absurdity.

Deadly Nightshade: deception.

Dogrose: innocence.

Evening Primrose: adoration.

Forget-me-not: memories that will last forever.

Foxglove: falseness.

Fuchsia: warning, your lover may not be true.

Gardenia: sweetness.

Geraniumpink, uncertainty.
white, indecision.
scarlet, a lack of trust.

Gladiolus: pain, a sense of woundedness.

Guelder Rose: needing maturity in one’s partner.

Harebell: resignation but with hope.

Hollyhock: achievable ambition.

Honeysuckle: an admirer wants to make their feelings known.

Hyacinthblue, devotion.
white, admiration. 

Hydrangea: fickleness.

Iris: ardour.

Jasmine: elegance and purity

Lavender: healing, friendship.

Lilytiger, passion.
white, purity.

Marigoldfrench, jealousy.

Narcissus: self-love.

Orange Blossom: purity, but unlucky except for at weddings.

Orchid: luxury and uniqueness.

Pansypurple, happy memories.
white, thoughts of love.
yellow, reminiscing about the past.

Passionflower: the object of your desire loves another.

Peony: wanting or needing to give forgiveness.

Poppyred, moderation and patience.
white, indecision.

Rosepink, romantic love
red, passionate love.
white, I love you not.
yellow, misplaced affection.

Snapdragon: a refusal of affection.

Snowdrop: a chance to start again.

Sunflower: unimpressed by appearances.

Sweetpea: tenderness.

Sweetwilliam: teasing, a need to lighten up.

Tulip: declaration of passion.

Violet: modesty.

Wallflower: consistency in love.