Animal Meanings

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Elsewhere in the blog, you'll find more detailed meanings for a handful of animals but this is a more generalised post with keywords for over fifty birds, mammals, sea creatures, and insects. There are plenty of books in the New Age genre which look at the concept of power animals, although some new age thinking will get a little silly, and I wonder if this can be off-putting to those who are more pragmatic. If you have an aversion to fluff, you can find the meaning yourself by looking at the habits and characteristics of an animal or bird. 

Bear in mind that you will see some birds and animals regularly, and whilst it may be a good idea to see what they represent it should only be taken as a guide to get a sense of the vibe of a particular location. Seagulls are less common inland, so if you are living in a landlocked town, they may well be showing a need for the whole population in your area to be more open to communicating with nature. We cannot presume that every pigeon we see is a prompt to get in touch with one’s siblings, but if we have noticed a recurrence of an animal we are not usually aware of the chances are there is a message that you need to pay attention to. It’s highly unlikely you’ll run into an actual hippopotamus on your way to work in Yeovil, but you may turn on the tv and just happen to catch the tail end of a documentary or notice them on pictures, or some advertising you notice may feature one. 

It is possible to develop a system where you work on your personal development according to animal omens. It can be useful if you tend to go around in circles or have no idea what to focus on as it will give structure to your journey. It may be useful to put up pictures or buy ornaments that remind you of their essence. If you have an affinity with nature, it may well suit you better to use it as your guide rather than using cards or astrology. Shamanism and Paganism both use the natural world extensively. 

On a divinatory level it appears that using wildlife to interpret your life is okay for personal soul work stuff, but maybe not so good if you want to know when your lover is coming back. I do use the system myself I enjoy the insights that can be revealed but only as a general indicator.

There are different ways to use this system:
1 If you see an animal or bird, use it as an oracle and interpret its meaning.
2  Do a meditation (or have a think about) what animals or birds you are drawn to?
3  Is an animal or bird repeatedly showing itself to you? 
4  Consciously choose an animal or bird to work with whose energies you need, but I would only do this if one isn't presenting itself.
5  Find ways of honouring your ally; find pictures or carvings of it to pull the energy into your home. 
6 And finally, learn more about its natural habit and behaviour. 



Beaver: A time for action and being busy, not a time for solitude, use beaver to draw resources from others.  

Dolphin: Music especially important. Try to go with the flow. Work on your communication skills.

Octopus: An increased awareness of the cycles of life. A time to blend in rather than stand out. 

Otter: Be more active and adventurous, spend time outdoors. You may need to take time out to have fun.  

Polarbear: You may need to isolate yourself for a time, make your immediate family a priority. 

Seahorse: Gentleness and sensitivity should be your aim. Role reversals within relationships could make life more fruitful. A need to break away from expectations.

Shark: A more aggressive approach may be needed. Your sensitivity is very strong, especially to vibes.



Frog: A need for cleansing. A good time for magic. Clear your life of unnecessary clutter, people included. 

Lizard: Sensitive to vibes. Need to keep a distance from those that affect you strongly. Listen to yourself, not others.

Python: You may be feeling too restricted right now, or are you restricting others? Transformation is taking place in your life, and you may need to let go of someone. 

Snake: A time to shed your old skin. A need for transformation and letting go of that which is not needed.   

Tortoise: A need to slow down and take your time. A veggie detox would be good at this time.



Condor: Try to make the best of a bad situation. Call on Condor if you are in crisis.

Crow: Magic. A time to speak out against injustice. You want to know if you can trust those around you, ask a Crow for signs.

Dove: A time of peace. The giving and receiving of unconditional love.

Duck: Good relationships. Long-term partner. A time for stability and enjoying home comforts.

Eagle: Karma in action. Take a step back and get a bigger perspective on things.

Emu: Restlessness. A need to be wandering about. Variety. Try to lighten your load.

Falcon: Take a step back to get a better perspective. The countryside. Take action on your goals.

Goose: A time of plenty. You may prefer places that are already familiar to you. Guidance from ancestors. Traditional values.

Hawk: Focus your intentions. Keep your eyes open. A good animal totem to use as a defender against psychic attack.

Kite: Being unshakable. Practice staying calm regardless of what you are doing. Rise above any problems.

Lark: Productive mornings. Need to be up early. Singing. Happiness.

Magpie: Read signs and omens. A time for synchronicity. Magic is in the air. Don't misuse your abilities.

Ostrich: Need to pull your head out of the ground? Or maybe needing to hide away for a short time.

Owl: Wisdom. Integrity. A need for silence and solitude. Listen to inner guidance at this time.

Parrot: A need for vibrancy. Outgoing and sociable time. Gossip.

Peacock: Vanity. Pride. Needing more colour in your life or maybe needing to update the way you look.

Pelican: Letting go of resentment or guilt.

Penguin: Endurance. Perseverance. Teamwork. Harsh environments.

Pigeon: News. Home and needing to reconnect or just catch up with family. A need for superficial and light-hearted socialising over the deep and meaningful

Raven: Telepathy. Remote healing energy. Prophecy. Instinctive action. Memories could be coming up out of nowhere, or maybe a need to appreciate nostalgia.

Swan: Grace. Tranquility. Great strength. Children. Protective of family. Fidelity in relationships important.


Armadillo: A need to set clear boundaries. A time for retreat. A need to dig for more information. 

Bat: You may be called to live a more spiritual life. Welcome the transition you are going through.

Bear: Strengthen your boundaries. Survival instincts are strong. Assertion is needed, work on building strength.

Cow: Mother nature. Nurturing: taking care of yourself and others. Children are important at this time. 

Elephant: Endurance. Patience. Memory. Call on elephant to receive wisdom from the ancients or your ancestors.

Fox: Be on the lookout for those who are deceiving you. Evasive tactics need to be used in your dealings with others.

Giraffe: A useful animal to help develop foresight. Make sure you stick your neck out for the right reasons.

Gorilla: Listen more, not only to what's being said but what is communicated through body language as well. Others will see you as a powerhouse. 

Hedgehog: You may be hyper-sensitive. It's important to be thankful even for the smallest things in your life right now. May prefer early evenings over daytime.

Hippopotamus: Stay focused on the path you have chosen. Look after your skin. Trust your instincts.

Horse: Respect your need for freedom. Call on horse if you need to increase your energy. If you're looking for a belief system, try shamanism.

Kangaroo: A need to trust in life that your needs will be met. A time to focus on the present and future.

Koala: Regular periods of solitude may be needed. Fresh fruit and vegetables will work wonders right now.

Leopard: Instincts very strong at this time. Call on leopard to help with clairvoyance.

Lion: Good for authority and leadership. Act with honour and dignity at all times. Use the
Lion as a mascot to increase the courage of your heart. 

Mole: Accurate clairsentience. Physical touch is important. Don't hide away for too long; more sunshine may be needed.

Monkey: A time to be flexible. Communication needs to be clear. You may want to be more sociable at this time. 

Mouse: A need to pay attention to detail without ignoring the bigger picture. Make sure your house is in order. 

Orangutan: You could be feeling a little overwhelmed by large groups of people. Gentleness is the key at this time. 

Panda: Do you need more colour in your life? Cut down on pre-packaged foods and go organic. Sensitive digestion.  

Porcupine: Are you feeling threatened? Or do you need to be more defensive? Do you just need to lighten up? 

Rabbit: A time of fertility. Go veggie for a time and see how you feel.

Racoon: You may be in need of a healthy dose of laughter, or possibly be more cheeky and playful. Ability to solve puzzles could be strong.

Rat: Business dealings should go well. Your mind needs to be sharp and focused. 

Squirrel: Utilise all resources. Start preparing for the future. Avoid confrontation

Tiger: You need to be patient and remain focused. Adventure and passion are close.

Wolf: An omen that shows you are well protected. Co-operation is needed right now, especially from those you consider family.



Bee: Fertility. Luck. Spiritual communication. Contact with ancient Greek priestesses. 

Butterfly: Transformation and change. Communication with those that have passed on.

Dragonfly: Make sure you are realistic. A time for nurturing your psychic abilities.

Moth: A time for nocturnal activity. Important messages. A need to be unrestricted.

Scorpion: Keep an eye on your passion, be cool and self-controlled at this time. Good totem to use for protection. 

Spider: Watch out for unexpected traps. Are webs being woven around you? Connect to Goddess energy. 

Wasp: Guard against jealousy in yourself and from others. Venomous words. A need for emotional support.