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I seriously love armadillos although I have absolutely no idea why they get me the way that they do. Maybe I had a past life as a cactus or something, and I miss seeing them going for their moonlit walks? There are a number of species, and most people know of the nine-banded type, but my personal favourite is the Pink Fairy Armadillo which is much smaller and the most endangered. Not all armadillos can roll themselves into a ball which is the unique attribute of the three banded variety.

Key Characteristics & Facts

Armadillo is a Spanish word that means little armoured one. These crazy mammals can jump four feet straight in the air when spooked which is why they frequently end up as roadkill because they head straight for the car bumpers instead of hitting the ground! They love to dig, and can bury themselves quickly when threatened which makes them a difficult catch for predators. On the downside, they have a low body temperature and low metabolism which makes them incredibly sensitive to the cold. Armadillos have bad eyesight but make up for it by having a great sense of smell. They're nocturnal and enjoy a varied diet munching on a wide range of grubs. If they can avoid the traffic, they are capable of living for up to fifteen years. 

Mating & Relating

An armadillo will mate every year after they reach maturity at twelve months. Male armadillos are not monogamous and will be seen to mate with many females during breeding season, but females will connect with one male only. There's no evidence to suggest that males have an influence on the upbringing of any offspring as armadillos are solitary and only interact when they are breeding. They mate face to face (as do pangolins), so the shitty old myth about humans being the only ones to do so is bullshit. Interestingly, they give birth to four identical offspring which all develop from the same egg.

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armadillo spirit totem

If you relate to the Armadillo, then we need to be looking at a possibility that boundaries have been an issue in your life. If you're female, you could have major problems if anyone comes into your territory and find it difficult to share any aspect of your space. Men that connect with the armadillo are slightly more relaxed but still feel the need to have their territory clearly marked out. You might identify strongly with this particular mammal when you hit a phase in your life where relationships just aren't a priority. This is more likely to be the case if you're not interested in breeding. If anyone comes on too heavy or too quickly, then you're probably going to run away and hide. It's also a potential sign that if you have a child, you won't stay in the relationship or maybe you won't want to live with a long-term partner. You may even prefer to raise your children on your own. Infidelity could be an issue for males who are drawn to this cute little animal, but the mature versions will make it clear that they need their freedom to roam if it's that time of year. If you have the armadillo as an invisible friend, you'll probably find that you're more productive once the sun has gone down. If the armadillo shows up as a random occurrence and you have issues around food or your weight, it could be a suggestion that your diet needs to have smaller portions but more variety within the actual content. You could be missing a nutrient that's commonly found in mixed healthy snack packs. Pay attention to smells and use it as a guide if you lack direction or unsure about a person or situation.