Okay, it’s confession time. Despite working with hundreds of people in a million different ways I never bothered to collect testimonials or compliments. I’m in the process of connecting with some oldies, where appropriate, and if you’re a recent client - feel free to email one through.



Engineer. Wrexham, UK.

Having known Quinn for some years, I find her a gifted individual and inspiring. Quinn is caring and empathetic, I was able to build up a rapport with her instantly. Quinn is a gifted individual who brings insight, intuition and clarity to my dilemmas. Quinn offers support and importantly peace and closure. Quinn is very friendly, but is honest in what they see for you.



A. K.

Retired Doctor. Author. NYC, US.

I have worked with Quinn over the course of six years. I am turning sixty. Having retired from a twenty year career in medicine, I became a full time writer, what I had wanted to do since age ten. The change was not easy, in leaving my comfort zone, in losing my status, in losing my income, as well as challenging ideas or more accurately, beliefs, which had brought me stability, or what I perceived as stability. And seeing the business of writing realistically.

Quinn started out by discussing bravery, and introduced symbols of personal mythology in order to explain her concepts in a way I could understand. She worked with me in the difficulties in breaking bonds of conformity, those powerful messages we receive day in day out, from family, friends, government, that tell us what is acceptable or not, a form of programming that is hard to even see taking place. She gave reading materials: Rollo May, Ernest Becker and the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Then the philosophers, or rather, she introduced me to philosophy in general, that mind set, which was the mind set of critical thinking. I discovered I hadn’t understood what that was, at all. I had been in therapy of different sorts and found I had continued to make the same “mistakes” again and again.

Only when I began to work with Quinn, who, for the first time, challenged how I thought, and didn’t soft pedal it, while introducing compassionately, gradually, hard truths, that I began to feel comfortable in my own skin, and accept myself, as the cliché goes, and what I was doing. And it continues on. My testimony would be: I owe my life, in some sense, to Ms. Leigh.

She has a remarkable critical mind along with twenty years of experience and for those seeking to be honest with themselves, who want to understand authenticity, come to terms with upheaval, or are making difficult life choices, Quinn is a remarkable healer.