Two of Wands

The Meaning


A choice between two actions. Bravery.


Going Deeper

A crossroads may have been reached, and intuition is needed to decide on a course of action. Both ways will have obstacles, pitfalls, and distractions but the fact is there is still a choice. If the reading is about a relationship, it is possible the current situation will eventually lead to a separation as the ultimate destination is different for all parties concerned. The problem here is individuality and the individuals involved may not be able to find a compromise. If one is prepared to make sacrifices, it could work, but this is unlikely to happen in this instance as the warrior archetype has been invoked. This card does indicate a certain level of balance. Instincts may ultimately be used to make any decisions rather than logic or emotion. This is no time to be sitting around doing nothing. There's something which needs to be done.


Astro Insight

Mars in Aries. A need for courageous action.


Examples With Other Cards

The Two of Wands brings vibrant energy to a reading. The cards around could show more of an indication regarding the nature of the choice that needs to be made. Cups: will suggest an emotional matter. Discs: issues could be around work/money/health. If the Two of Swords is also present, there could either be a real dilemma or a perfect balance.