Three of Wands

The Meaning


Integrity. Honesty. Direct communication. Self-expression.


Going Deeper

A need for honest, open and direct communication. Something is needing to be expressed. This card appearing in a reading can sometimes indicate that there is no power to change the outcome but that integrity must be maintained regardless of what happens. If you have anything to say then say it now whilst conditions are favourable but keep it simple and don't try to deceive anyone. This card can indicate the start of a new season, like spring and is a good sign if you are starting anything new. There is optimism and innocence, but defensiveness will be visible if too many boundaries are crossed. As with all wand cards the three can indicate a sensitive person who relies more on instincts than logic. There is an element of bravery in this card; if you usually hold back on a verbal level, you should find yourself being far more outspoken than is normal for you. The three of wands speaks of having no fear of consequences from things that are said. When this card comes up in regards to a significant person, it usually indicates that they mean what they say.


Astro Insight

The Sun in Aries. The energy is vibrant and eager to get on with it.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Emperor: A forceful personality that won't shut up for man nor beast. Justice: Can show someone strongly motivated by ethics.