Ten of Wands

The Meaning


Being overburdened. Pressure built up. Restrictions on the soul or the inner self. 


Going Deeper

This is a card that indicates a feeling of being hugely overburdened by circumstances with little you can do about it. Sometimes there will be a way out, but it's usually unpleasant because it means having to let someone down. Or maybe you will appear selfish? Not that there is anything wrong with either of those scenarios, but we are programmed to believe we are evil if we say no. Take control of your life and alleviate stress wherever possible. The current circumstances will not be around forever and if The Tower or ten of swords is floating around then take it as a blessing from the gods that they are about to help not hinder the process. I have noticed that the burdens represented by the Ten of Wands will be self-imposed; if this is the case with you, put them down.


Astro Insight

Saturn in Sagittarius, a big testing is occurring regarding your perspective on life.


Examples With Other Cards

A lot will depend on where this card turns up in the reading. Ideally, it won't be in the outcome position, unless you're looking at possible scenarios for available options in which case take it as a sign to try another way. If a more positive card follows there should also be an indicator of how long the pressure will be around you. With the Eight of Cups or the Four of Swords, it's stressing the need to take time out. You're either doing too much or just giving too much out.