Six of Wands

The Meaning


Victory. Fame. Promotion. Being at the top of your game. Feeling like royalty.


Going Deeper

Success and victory are indicated by this card. A feeling of expansion and joy is usually present after receiving good news or some other positive indication that you have achieved whatever it was that you wanted. Often this card will indicate public recognition and even fame if your career is in the public eye. It's an excellent card for those in creative fields such as writing and acting as it promises rewards but also confirms that they are on the right path. There is a sense of wanting or needing to be seen as being unique and this card does promise (to some degree) that your individuality will be recognised by those who come into contact with you or your work.


Astro Insight

Jupiter in Leo. Magnify your confidence and learn to shine like a star.


Examples With Other Cards

With The World, what more can you ask for? With The Star: You need to keep going even if things are difficult right now. The Devil: There could be a price to pay for your success, and it may be conformity.