Seven of Swords - Additional Notes

Dark Grimoire Tarot

Dark Grimoire Tarot

I went through a phase a while back where this card was a frequent visitor to my readings. I can't say that I have any intense feelings when I see it, but it does give me cause to worry for so many different reasons.  At a very basic level, this card indicates sneakiness and says that you are not on your guard when you need to be. There's no sugar coating to be done here. Someone is trying to either steal from you or get one over on you, and you're just not aware of it at all. Many decks will show a man that's half in/half out of a window. In The Dark Grimoire Tarot deck, there are no swords but that shadowy figure is stood IN the doorway, and the man is fast asleep. The sleeping man has protection close at hand which is symbolised by the gun, and it's sat on top of a book which represents knowledge. Will the man wake up in time to defend himself? A consistent theme of this card is the danger of theft but rather than it talking about physical objects; it's ideas that are usually at risk. Whatever you're thinking/talking about is what's important here, especially if you're normally creative. Swords represent air, which is thought, it's your mind that holds the treasure that is being eyed up by an unknown someone. For once, this really is about the intellect and not the body. We can't stay asleep forever, and it may be time to wake up sooner than you think. Pay attention to your sleep patterns, do you feel like you've slept at all? Are you waking up in a bad mood or are you leaping out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning?

Any of these cards making a regular appearance alongside?

With the Five of Swords, it becomes clearer that a battle is taking place on the inner levels, and there may be nothing to do unless you can take a step back from your own life. It's highly likely that you've been in a similar situation before and the last time this happened you lost the fight. There could be a memory of the defeat that is still painful to think about. Often, there will be a sense of damned if you do and damned if you don't when this card shows up in the same reading. If this card is coming up with the seven, I can't recommend anything other than throwing in the towel. The worst part has to be that the other person has probably got a lot more understanding of the situation than you realise. If the question is about a potential relationship, they've already decided they're not going to get involved. They've emotionally removed themselves from the situation and are simply hanging around to steal your energy. They may or may not be aware they're feeding so deliberately, but they're certainly not aware of the intensity of your feelings because if they were, they wouldn't be so cruel as to keep giving off those little signs that they might be interested. The chances are, it's all an ideal for them. But, it's unattainable. It's good old planet reality that is getting in the way here. Inadequacies could also be responsible; maybe they know they've just not got what it takes to be the one for you? It's far more painful to look at the other side, which is that you don't quite have what it is that they're looking for. Somebody lacks in strength of character here.

The Five of Discs would indicate a potential loss of something physical. It could be time, money or both; but it indicates something with a value on the physical/tangible level.

It's almost impossible to find solutions anywhere in the deck for the Seven of Swords, but the Three of Wands can be a useful ally. The honesty, integrity, and directness of the Three of Wands can counter-balance the sneaky and underhanded behaviour of the Seven, but it's not an easy energy to work with unless you've got full access to your self-confidence.

Having some balls can work well in any situation and if you lack a pair of your own then get moral support from someone who is not unlike The Emperor or even the Queen of Swords. You're being taken advantage of in some way, and you might need an objective opinion to help snap you out of a dream.

The Ace of Swords offers clarity and focused intentions. Is there any way to approach the situation head-on and ask for clarification? It's unlikely, but I just thought I'd ask. With this card, we can also get constructive and set some deadlines for retreat. Even if you can't get clarity from the situation, you can be clear with yourself on how you're going to reclaim your head space.