Seven of Cups - Additional Notes

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

The Seven of Cups is a strange card, and I still remember the times it has been active in my life. On one of the more recent occasions, I'd realised there is a major connection between this card and a condition called limerence. This is a label for when we get seriously obsessed with someone. It's like we fall in love with love itself. We can be consumed with the desire to merge with the object of our beloved. We can't get them out of our heads and everything else in life gets shoved to one side, or should I say the other side of the universe? In the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, we can see the image closely resembles that of a painting of the old Greek mortal Narcissus. That particular story ended badly. He wasted away because he fell in love with the vision of himself and couldn't pull his eyes away from the lake he stared into. In the card below, we can see the woman sees herself as bones, and here we have a secret revealed as to the true meaning of this card. 

We fall into the Seven of Cups because life has no meaning. We're being starved of something that our soul desperately needs. The cups are representatives of the emotional choices we have, and the one that reflects into the water is the same one that is closest to hand. This same cup is usually symbolic of the person we've projected a great deal of desire on to. We see them as our immortal counterpart. They seem to possess that one thing we feel we need to not just survive but thrive. In the image on the card, the reflection shows there is no body in the lake...nobody. That's how you're feeling deep down; like there's nobody there. Just a pile of old bones with hair. The hair is interesting because symbolically it represents strength, this can be taken as a sign that you do still have the power to change things. But first, we need to get to the bottom of this card. When we fall in love with a choice or a chance, what we're really doing is reminding ourselves of who we are, and who we could be. What we see in the other is really a part of us, and we have to reclaim that lost treasure. I've got to be honest; this card doesn't usually bode well if the question is about love. More often than not it spells disillusionment and sadness. Getting the Seven of Cups is more than a wake-up call, it's a resurrection of the soul self. You're being reminded of what it is that you value. You're being shown that you were dying inside before this person arrived on the scene. There is a small chance they are indeed your immortal beloved that would walk through hell itself to be in your arms, but they're far more likely to be human and not even half aware of the strength of the passion that they evoke in you. How could they be? If they did, if they knew how you felt, how could they not respond? But this card isn't really about them. It's about you.  

When It Shows With Other Sevens

If we look at the other sevens, we can see that all of them have their problems:

The Seven of Swords is another difficult card and often appears in the same reading as the Seven of Cups. The indirectness that this card shows is frequently part of the problem. If we say something, then we risk rejection, but if we say nothing we risk being caught in a toxic daydream. If this card shows up at the same time as the Seven of Cups, there is a chance that someone isn't free to pursue or be pursued. Yes, I mean infidelity is being thought about. And notice I said thought.

With the Seven of Wands we are called to stand our ground, but we need to check that we're not just doing so out of childishness. There is a possibility that boundaries need to be defended. This card often depicts someone guarding a doorway or passage. The astrology here is Mars in Leo which leads us to courageous action or, things done with love. We may have to follow this path with our hearts wherever it may lead.

The Seven of Discs can be problematic when asking about finances and if it's showing up in connection to love we may be very disappointed if we're expecting the object of our affection to come charging at us on his white horse. This card is here to tell us that nothing will be happening as quickly as we want it to. It tells you to have patience, but it also says that your waiting may be in vain. You will question if your efforts are worth the result, and the chances are you're not going to get as much as you'd hoped. One of the positives we can pull out of this card is that it's telling us to get real. It's telling us that if we're not prepared to wait for the right time, we need to cut our losses now. If we're doing a reading for someone else and we tell them it could take months or years, they're not going to be happy, but it should also help to show them what they're feeling is somehow unreal. This card doesn't say never, it says in time. I suppose what you should really be asking yourself is, how long have you got to wait?