Princess of Wands

The Meaning


A young person filled with vitality. Innocence and honesty in creative expression.


Going Deeper

Creative intelligence, honest, outspoken and active. Attractive personality interested in life itself. Can be reckless and impatient. May be too demanding for some to tolerate. If this card is representing an actual person (or you), then you can expect a high degree of energy to be present. She may be bossy and arrogant when she's at her worst but is capable of great bravery and will not usually play emotional games. She wears her heart on her sleeve even after losing battles.


Astro Insight

Fire signs. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The surrounding court cards may give further insight into the astro energies. Strength and The Sun would indicate Leo. The Emperor and The Tower would be Aries. The Wheel of Fortune and Temperance would be Sagittarius.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Empress, it could signify a highly creative time. With the Three of Wands, it emphasises the Aries energy, a time for directness and even bluntness if the situation demands it.


Princess and Page are used interchangeably. Or, as in this instance, The Herald.