Prince of Wands

The Meaning


An attractive and courageous young person. Someone from another culture. Assertiveness.


Going Deeper

Personal freedom. Sometimes shows a foreign person coming into your life or extensive travel for you. Not usually ready to settle down. A lively and distinctive personality that thrives on unique individuals. The Prince of Wands hates routine and may have an aversion to authority. Traditionally speaking the princes are supposed to be under the age of twenty-five, but if this card represents a fire sign man, then he can be much older and still be shown as a prince. If this card represents you, then it's telling you to be more adventurous and daring. Don't worry about what other people will think.


Astro Insight

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Crowley gives from 21' Cancer to 20' Leo. I've often found the Prince of Wands to be a fire Sun sign rather than just having fire in other areas of the birth chart.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Chariot, the Eight of Wands or the Six of Swords: Travel is strongly indicated, and with the Six of Swords, it's likely to be air travel. The Princes will often bring something with them, and surrounding cards will show the reason for his presence in your life.


Prince and Knight are interchangeable.