Nine of Wands

The Meaning


Internal struggle that creates strength. Emotional independence.


Going Deeper

The appearance of this card means there is pressure around you and that you may be finding it very difficult to complete even menial everyday tasks. It does not necessarily mean that circumstances will be bad, but this card does show up a lot when your energy is depleted. With the Nine of Wands, there can be a reluctance to get out of bed on a morning; everything is a struggle and a chore. Something is needed to lighten things up a bit; the sparkle has gone, and everything looks grey. Some readers (mainly those who use Thoth) will see this as a good card, but I tend to disagree because often the person under its influence will be finding life a challenge. Yes, it produces strength, but you don't build muscle without lifting a few weights.


Astro Insight

The Moon in Sagittarius is connected to this card. You need to find the hidden meaning in all of this as it will help to lighten the burdens.


Examples With Other Cards

Hopefully, there will be some good cards such as The Star to indicate recovery or Strength to show courage and extra determination.