Four of Wands

The Meaning


Being on the right path. Looking for meaning in life. Authenticity. Valuing honesty above all else.


Going Deeper

This card indicates that life should be good. Contentment is available, but it speaks of being happy with the things that money can't buy. There could be satisfaction after success. The home life is usually quite settled when this card appears, and there is a sense of everything working out for the best. The Four of Wands will often represent someone who is on a quest to find a meaningful existence. Everything is in order at a basic level and needs are being met, but you'll have to put in more effort if you want things to grow. You're surviving but could you be thriving?


Astro Insight

Venus in Aries. There is a  need to be giving passionately.


Examples With Other Cards

This card can sometimes indicate a move to a better location if The Chariot or Ace of Discs also appears in the same reading. When it appears with other Wands, it can emphasise the more philosophical/spiritual side of life. With The Hierophant, The High Priestess or The Hermit, it can show someone who is consciously trying to be a better person.