Five of Wands

The Meaning


Frustration and conflict. Creative blockages. A fearful hero. Fear of rejection. 


Going Deeper

There is so much that needs to be expressed but too many reasons for holding it back. Sometimes it can be fear of how it will be received by the other person or a lack of control over how they will react. There can be problems being the genuine self but usually because of others that are around. A difficult card that speaks of inner conflict, irritation, and anger that is being bottled for future release. The creative self is being repressed for the sake of tradition or duty. One thing that I have noticed with this card is that the energy leaks out, people will get snappish yet refuse to engage in debate. There's no easy way around this card, but I will say that the fear is nearly always far worse than the actual outcome.


Astro Insight

This card is represented by Saturn in Leo, and there could be fear that the self-expression just isn't good enough. 


Examples With Other Cards

Hopefully, The Magician or the Three of Wands will be in the same reading to indicate a point of release. With the Ten of Swords, there could be a major argument. The Emperor: You could have one bad-tempered man on your hands (or maybe it's just you?).