Eight of Wands

The Meaning


Swiftness. Agility. Good movement. Long distance travel.


Going Deeper

This card is telepathy in action. If it appears in a reading when a question has been asked about another person, it is saying that the answers are already known. Conversations that are taking place in the mind should be listened to, and if this has not been done, then it advises you to try talking to the person in your head to see what happens. It's also an indicator of air travel and a journey that may be undertaken. Look at the other cards for an indicator of timing. Things are usually moving quickly with this card and it is important to go with the flow and use the energy around you. It's a good card to see in a reading if there have been blockages or too much time spent waiting.


Astro Insight

Mercury in Sagittarius. The mind will be travelling at great speed, keep a note of your thoughts.


Examples With Other Cards

The Chariot or the Six of Swords most certainly indicates travel. The Prince of Wands is a dynamic individual that likes his freedom; could also indicate love with someone from overseas or a radically different background.