Ace of Wands

The Meaning


Initiation. Inspiration. Action and directed energy. Triumph.


Going Deeper

A new way of being is opening up that is being met with enthusiasm and vitality. A new creative venture that has the blessing of good circumstances, although a different kind of energy is needed to see it through to completion. Renewed passion for life. Having a strong interest in something greater than the self but also respect for the power of the self. A huge amount of potential is showing in this card, and there is also the option to give birth to a new identity. Look to see what card follows as it may show the exact nature of the path opening up.


Astro Insight

The fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


Examples With Other Cards

If this card appears with a court card it could/can indicate sexual contact (if you're looking for it) otherwise, it usually means that the energy will be brought into your life by someone else rather than it originating from you. If other Aces appear, this card gives the additional energy to enhance the beginning of whatever element is present. So with the Ace of Cups, it'll be a strong start to a new emotional relationship. The Ace of Discs would be a business or work venture or possibly a new home that comes out of nowhere if The Chariot is close by.