Two of Swords

The Meaning


Mental Balance. The head and heart are in accord. Peace. Truce.


Going Deeper

The Two of Swords is often shown with a blindfolded person indicating that perspective may not be clear, but nonetheless, a compromise has been reached and for now there is a state of mental balance. If you don't feel this is the case, then the two indicates that this balance will be reached quickly, usually within two days ~ two weeks. The scales can easily be tipped here, but the fact remains that a compromise is always possible when this card appears.


Astro Insight

Moon in Libra. This represents a delicate balance between emotions and logic.


Examples With Other Cards

If this card appears with Justice,  any agreements reached will be as fair as possible; it may even be a legal ruling if you have any court dealings going on. With any of the heavier Sword cards, it could indicate a temporary stalemate situation. The Four of Swords would suggest taking time out to do some thinking. The Lovers: this would indicate a choice regarding an important relationship.