Two of Discs

The Meaning


Harmony and balance in the physical life. A need to be flexible. Movement.


Going Deeper

There's a sense of movement in this card that means we may have to be adaptable to change, and yet we need to try to keep things as balanced as possible. There is usually a strong sense of co-operation coming from other people and even if you are single, it shouldn't be a problem finding practical support. The Two of Discs represents a degree of conservatism, and if you want to achieve in the outer world, then the stronger aspects of your independent personality may need to kept private for a while. Because this card has a connection to the sign of Capricorn, it suggests that traditional methods will work better than trying to be radically different. Some juggling of finances may need to be done, but at least there is something to juggle with.


Astro Insight

The two of discs is linked to Jupiter in Capricorn which stresses that positive growth is possible through determination and endurance. Playing within the rules will bring better results at this time. Jupiter[beliefs] in Capricorn (tradition, status, patriarchy) is having the mindset that the old ways work best.


Examples With Other Cards

With other discs, it emphasises that the material or practical side of life is in a state of change, and you need trust that continued effort will pay off in the long run. When it appears with other cards that indicate change such as The Tower or the Ten of Swords, the Two of Discs is a good sign that your underlying security will not be threatened. The Wheel of Fortune: A lucky break, take the chance.