Two of Cups

The Meaning


Romance. Affection which is returned. Lovingness.


Going Deeper

This card can be a little deceiving as so much promise is on offer yet we have to be able to do something with it, or nothing of any substance is likely to manifest. The two represents genuine potential and the feelings that accompany this stage are lovely. Sentiment is building, and we are getting the vibe that falling in love is but a heartbeat away. When we look into the eyes of the other, they reflect back the love we're showing them; but unless courage is called upon, there is always a danger that the relationship will never move beyond the "what if" stage. There is a beauty here that is innocent and pure, and we have to risk injury if we are to see it grow to maturity.


Astro Insight

Venus in Cancer. Nostalgia and a sentimental attachment.


Examples With Other Cards

This card lightens up any reading and any aces and tens will indicate what it is that can manifest if the potential is realised and worked with. Negative cards such as the Seven of Swords and the Seven of Cups can cause problems; there is a possibility that nothing will manifest and that the potential will remain undeveloped. If there are any blockages between you and your desired (such as a spouse or maybe physical distance), it's highly likely that whatever is being experienced is no more than wishful thinking on the part of the other person. Be careful. Don't invest your heart until they've offered something solid or at least clarified how they see the situation.