Three of Swords

The Meaning


Separation. Loss of love. Grief.


Going Deeper

This card points towards grief and separation anxiety. If you're in a relationship when it appears, it's possible that you will either split up or have to endure emotional pain through separation. There could be physical distance between you and your beloved, or there could be a third party getting in the way. This card will also show up in cases of unrequited love and sometimes when you are single and just longing for union. It is this card that shows up when you feel like your chest has been cracked open and left your insides hanging out. It signifies pain, isolation and sometimes betrayal. Woundedness but at the hand of your own love. The Three of Swords is the card for the godawful hankering and lamenting that many of us get afflicted with from time to time.


Astro Insight

Saturn in Libra, taking responsibility within relationships.


Examples With Other Cards

It doesn't matter what comes up with this card because it's going to put a dampener on anything. With the Ten of Swords, Judgement, or The World, it's a clear and definite end of something. With the Seven of Cups, it's likely to be unrequited or an affair that's causing the problems.