Three of Cups

The Meaning


Good news. A celebration. Feeling fantastic. Positive emotional expression.

Going Deeper

This card signifies joy and happiness. Feelings are usually excited and eager to experience more. Sharing is taking place, and we feel very good about our self when this card is present in our life. It represents an emotional birth which can include the birth of a child. Things are going very well with the three of cups, and if you are waiting for news, this card indicates it's coming within the next two to three days or two to three weeks at most. Patience is not needed here, just a little bit of trust. Enjoy the free stuff that is flowing around you; these periods do not happen often, and only an idiot would deny the presence of happiness. You should be flying high if this card is representing you.

Astro Insight

Mercury in Cancer. Good communication which affects the emotions. Sharing feelings verbally.

Examples With Other Cards

This card is incredibly positive and will lift the tone of any reading. With the Ace of Cups or The Empress,  it nearly always indicates news of a birth. Bizarrely, if the Three of Swords is in the same reading it can suggest moods will be swinging from one extreme to the other - tears and torment one moment followed by absolute bliss. Rollercoaster emotions!