The World

The Meaning


Completion. Endings with new beginnings. Continuity.


Going Deeper

The World (a.k.a The Universe) is a positive card, and in a nutshell, it emphasises that as one door closes another opens. This card has a strong sense of transition within it; life is in motion. This card follows Judgement, and we can now see that endings really do bring new opportunities. After the period we spent in the underworld it can be a relief to arrive at the door to the universe because it reminds us of the promise of a new life ahead. The World indicates a lesson well learned. Rather oddly, The World is connected to the planet Saturn and whilst Saturn can be considered a hard task master he does reward those who put in hard work. The World can also be about developing a better awareness of time, although not from clocks and watches. When we take a step back to look at the whole picture, we can see the Earth keeps spinning even when life becomes stagnant. Regardless of how we conduct ourselves in life, the planets follow their own pattern as they were destined to do many years before the arrival of you or I. The World tells us to follow our path - the one that we know we were born to walk. We may wander off track from time to time, but we can be assured that the universe will call us back at some point when the time is just right. This card can also indicate that if we have been slogging away with no rewards, that success is imminent and we will be able to branch out further. The least you can expect when receiving The World in a reading is a strong sense of satisfaction of a job well done.


Astro Insight

Saturn, check all transits to the natal Saturn as well as aspects from transiting Saturn to other natal planets.


Examples With Other Cards

Fool: An opportunity that you should take, only a fool would refuse. The Empress: A healthy sense of wholeness and comfort. Death: A need for a clean slate to start again, to regenerate, or to destroy and move on. Judgement: Endings with a feeling of fatedness. Swords: With the three or ten, a definite ending and one which you have no choice but to let go. Cups: With the two, three, nine comes the feel good factor, a chance to let love blossom and with the ten it gives a maximum state of enjoyment and happiness. Discs: The two, three and six is the promise of completion at a later date, work/money matters are on the right track, but you have to keep going. The nine and ten speak of the ultimate financial/physical rewards. Wands: With the ten, it indicates a new path is about to open up and hopefully one that is much easier, but you may have to lose some baggage first.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

The big reminder is that endings do lead to new beginnings. Unlike Death or Judgement, the focus here needs to be on the future, not on what has been said or done. There's usually a little bit of self-satisfaction with this card, or there should be a suggestion that something has been achieved.




Common Associations

The earth element. The colour black and sometimes maroon. The gift of clairaudience. Diamonds but also solid rocks of all kinds such as granite.