The Tower

The Meaning


Sudden upheaval. Disruption. Unexpected occurrence. Dramatic incident.


Going Deeper

Another card that can have people worried! The Tower certainly has a habit of appearing in readings when the rug is about to be pulled from under your feet, although sometimes it can be as simple as learning something that shakes at your foundations. Imagine you have been "happily" married for years, and your partner suddenly announces they can't stand your family or worse still, that they don't love you - that's a Tower incident. They may not leave you, but the revelation itself is enough to shake you internally and make you feel very insecure about the future. The thing is, it's difficult to write out every scenario that would be classed as a Tower incident as it's not so much the incident itself but the way it leaves you feeling. In can be something someone says as an offhand remark that presses all the right buttons to activate your insecurity or it really can be an incident that is life changing. The appearance of The Tower is always a warning that things need to be altered. The way you are doing things is not working, and you are being given an opportunity to do things differently. I have seen this card frequently appear when someone has a habit of changing direction at the last minute. A client I know will get so close to a potential partner and then pull The Tower after leading them to believe everything is alright. Frequently, she'll claim it's the "other" who is pulling away. It's her fear that manifests The Tower, she dumps them before they dump her but usually there is no sign of them backing off, they just don't jump through hoops like she thinks they ought to. The worst effects of The Tower are usually the lack of emotional or mental stability once the event or revelation has arrived. One thing is for certain when The Tower appears - old ways of doing things will not work, and if you are hoping to rebuild bridges this card will not deny you the opportunity, but it won't let you carry on as before. So, if you're hoping things will go back to how they used to be ...think again.


Astro Insight

Mars transits will be significant in locating the timing of events.


Examples With Other Cards

If the reading is mainly discs, then it's likely to be money/work upheaval. With Cups: emotional. Wands: it can be more about insight into your psyche (or someone else's). The Swords are words that have been spoken that have shaken everything, or maybe a thought which has been triggered. With the Ten of Swords especially, it can indicate explosive or traumatic arguments where you cannot return to previous conditions and have no choice but to do things differently. With the three of swords, it's possible a triangle has been discovered, but it's not forced to be an affair, it could lead to heartbreak because of temporary (or permanent) separation. Sometimes when The Tower and the Three of Swords appear together, it can indicate a breakthrough and freedom from bottled up emotions. Hierophant: can be a reminder you have more stability than you think and will balance the effects of The Tower. The Star: tells you to stay positive as things may not be all that bad...a big hoo-hah over nothing. Judgement: can indicate a very intense situation where there appears to be little control.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

After any incident which unsettles the emotions, it's important to let the insides calm down before making any major decisions. Sounds like common sense but often when we're caught up in something that leaves us feeling insecure we don't give it enough time. The best decisions are balanced ones; that means equal amounts of emotion and logic.




Common Associations

The element of fire. The colour red. The ability to respond to instincts. The gemstones connected to this card include fire opals, red jasper and rubies.