The Sun

The Meaning


Happiness. Joy. Faith. Blessings. Good times with children. Creativity. Positive energy and strong vitality.


Going Deeper

There is a hidden simplicity in the Sun and an enormous amount of creativity. When this card appears it is telling you that joy is to be found in life through the free stuff like playing and having fun. All artistic pursuits are being given the go ahead, and you should find everyone around you to be either helpful or just plain happy. There is laughter and a little bit of excitement, yet the strongest gift of this card is to be able to live life to full. Every moment can be filled with a sense of awe and an appreciation for life itself. The Sun shines its light for everyone and does not discriminate, and that is how you should be yourself right now. Life is in a growing phase, and things are moving forward. There is a need to create, and it doesn't matter if it is a painting, a baby or song. Creation is the driving force behind this card, and it has to be able to manifest. This is not the glint in the eye when we have an idea,  The Sun is actually willing the idea into reality, you have to give birth to something that can grow and exist. Fire signs will have an easy time expressing this card because they tend to have more trust that life will be okay, they are just that little bit closer to the Gods, and they know they have a divine right to be special. The appearance of The Sun in a reading gives you a chance to feel special and a time to glow. These opportunities don't come up very often, so you need to make the most of the current situations in your life. It is the proverbial summertime of your life, and you may even feel like you are on holiday. The Sun indicates that there's a lack of stress and doubt and now is the time to work on your self-esteem and confidence.


Astro Insight

The Sun itself.


Examples With Other Cards

Because it is such a positive card, it tends to brighten everything around it, in some ways it just magnifies the benefits which in turn diminishes any negativity around you. Wands: This may be quite a philosophical time where you feel closer than ever to life itself. Discs: Financial matters can bloom now. Birth is indicated from combinations with the following cards; Empress, the Ace, and Three of Cups, Moon, Princess, the Ace and Three of discs.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

A return to innocence, make the most of it.


Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite

Common Associations

The element of fire. The colours orange and gold. The ability to have faith and trust that life will help out. Yellow and orange calcite, topaz and amber are the stones connected to The Sun.