The Star

The Meaning


Optimism. Having hope. Staying positive.


Going Deeper

The bottom line of The Star is that all hope is not lost. It frequently turns up in a reading when life is looking grim or when someone is not very positive about a certain situation. This card is the spark that twinkles and shines through the darkness; it's the proverbial ray of hope. With The Star, the answer is yes but the conditions surrounding you at the time the card appears may have you feeling you've got no chance. If there is a question about illness, The Star card indicates that there will be recovery and that positive thinking will be beneficial. If we think about it for a moment, the stars in the sky are Suns. If we apply this to the card itself, we can see that we could be feeling that happiness is too far away for us to get any warmth or that we have no chance of ever achieving it. The power of this card is very strong, but you can't be a passive spectator and at some point, you will need to re-engage with whatever is around you. Find the wonder there is on offer and live your heart out. We cannot stay in the realms of self-pity, negativity or depression and expect that someone is going to wave a magic wand and make it all better. A knight in shining armour may well come along but would you want him seeing you like this? No matter how bad life gets there is always hope. Do your grieving, venting or whatever else it is that you're feeling and then stop, be still, go outside on a cold night and get looking up to the heavens. You are still here. You may be hurting or feeling doomed, but you have a chance to heal. Don't let despair take over for any longer than is necessary. If you're coping well with life, then you can take this card as a sign that things will continue to be good.


Astro Insight

The sign of Aquarius.


Examples With Other Cards

Cups: These typically show the state of play on an emotional level so if relationships have been complicated or even nonexistent, The Star can be a reminder that things will get better at some point. If the Ace, three, or nine show up it could be an indicator of a long-awaited child/pregnancy and that all will go well. With the two, a partner that feels fated and right. Even with the Five of Cups, it could be serving as a reminder that maybe all you can see is emptiness right now, but you need to have hope that there is love out there, and it's just waiting for you to look up and see it. Swords: With the four it gives respite from mental torment and time/space to get your thoughts in order. With the seven, eight, nine, ten - if life appears harsh you just need to go with the flow because healing is promised and a brighter future is waiting.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

Take it one day at a time. Try to appreciate the small things if the big things have gone to shit. The Star is a positive card, but it's known to put in an appearance when you're low on hope - hence the need to stay positive. We don't usually need to be reminded to stay optimistic if life is all fine and dandy.




Common Associations

The element of air. The colours electric blue and indigo. The psychic ability of retrocognition (reading the past) and also precognition. The stones of sodalite and sometimes aquamarine.