The Moon

The Meaning


Feminine mysteries. Darkness. Illusion. Deception. Dreams. Denial.


Going Deeper

This is one of those cards that is better understood after the event. Occasionally, there will be a situation that is blatantly obvious that you can attach to The Moon, but more often than not, it manifests as a feeling of not quite being able to put your finger on something. I have known The Moon to appear for varied reasons, but it is one that comes up frequently if you are going through a soulful time but not necessarily of your own free will.  When The Moon is in operation, we tend to find we are forced inwards and deeper into the mysteries of life itself. Feminine energies run high with this card, and if we deny the presence, we may feel out of our depth or even a little crazy as we cannot channel the energy effectively. Dreams may be especially revealing at this time and relationships with women, in particular, could be strange and hiding far more than they care to reveal. You'd be wise to remember to listen to your intuition as much as any words being spoken. We get pulled back into the land that time forgot with The Moon and memories of another time and place can surface. The people we come into contact with feel strangely familiar and we know deep down that there is more to learn. Mirrors show us the truth if we look with the third eye, and even crystal balls may be more useful at this time. The answer lies in seeing beyond the visible. Our whole concept of time itself may be altered when she has finished doing her thing. If we look at the behaviour of the moon in the sky, she travels through the zodiac activating each sign for a couple of days; she is the fastest moving body up there, and she has the power to affect oceans. For a little satellite, she packs a punch. Don't be under the illusion that you won't feel her pulling at you - strongly. Go within and surrender, she wants to teach you something.


Astro Insight



Examples With Other Cards

Cups: With the seven, you really do need to be on guard against deception but also addictions to booze and drugs. With the nine and ten, an inspirational incident that opens doorways to the heart. With the six of cups especially, there are powerful subconscious urges, relationships will be intense and compulsive. Wands: Subjects such as psychology or philosophy could be drawing you and the message to look beyond what is apparent is being given very strongly. Chariot: You need to control your emotions better, tune into the Moon itself and follow her pattern. Judgement: A time of atonement for the "sins" of the past and if this combination turns up, and the Six of Cups is also involved; you must be aware that you are on a symbolic mission of some sort. Whatever is going on subconsciously, it has to be dealt with.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

One of my favourite illustrations of the moon is the Deviant Moon Tarot version. The way those strings are coming from the moon and making those puppets dance is so symbolically perfect for this card...



Common Associations

The element water. The colour sea green. The psychic ability of clairvoyance and also oneiromancy. Stones such as moonstones, sugilite and pearls.