Ten of Swords

The Meaning


Ruin. Endings.


Going Deeper

Probably the worst card in the pack. Indicates having no choice but to let go. Endings, mental dramas, fear. Final decisions made and stuck to. However, if you are stuck in a rut or just waiting for something to happen this can be an excellent omen. Whilst endings are difficult they are often necessary especially where relationships and friendships are concerned. We naturally resist death (of situations) in any form, and the Ten of Swords says that we have to cut our losses if we are to have a new beginning.


Astro Insight

Sun in Gemini and I don't mind admitting I have a hard time seeing the link. Aleister Crowley calls this card the lord of ruin. I have noticed that the appearance of this card can also give a very positive insight that is both inspiring and provides a significant breakthrough of a stalemate situation - so it's maybe not all bad.


Examples With Other Cards

Surrounding cards will hopefully give insight into the overall situation so that this card can be read in the right context. The Ten of Swords is always a mental ending. It can always be something positive such as the end of poverty consciousness or a belief in victimhood.