Ten of Discs

The Meaning


Accomplishment. Wealth. Satisfaction on a physical level. Material success.


Going Deeper

Here we see the final accomplishments of our efforts, and we can relax and celebrate the end of a cycle that has produced more than we originally asked for. Often this card will indicate a feeling of satisfaction within the material sphere of life. If we're asking questions about the future, this is a reassuring sign that we will achieve our ambitions. It speaks of property owned and a legacy to leave behind for our loved ones. There is also professionalism here and we have a knowledge of this particular path we are walking. There could be public recognition if other cards agree. We can be happy for now until the next cycle begins. I have noticed that when I get this card, my body will often be giving me some pretty strong signals. You can trust what it's saying to you, but you might not get any actual confirmation that what your body is telling you is right. There can be a split between the inner and outer world. Signs to watch for are opposites, things that are black and white like magpies, chessboards, and skunks ;)  


Astro Insight

This card is linked to Mercury in Virgo. Everything is in its place, and we have created solid order in our surroundings.


Examples With Other Cards

With other positive disc cards, we can expect money to come easily. With the  Ace or the four, it could represent a new home.  With The World or the Six of Wands, we could have a major achievement that symbolically represents a positive change in the life path.