Ten of Cups

The Meaning


Emotional achievement. Great blessings. Sharing. Feeling the absolute peak of your emotions.


Going Deeper

Here is the maximum available fulfilment under current circumstances. No more can be achieved yet it can be maintained with conscious effort. This achievement is fragile, and there is sensitivity present. The energy here is fluid; it's emotion in motion. A celebration could be in order. This card can sometimes represent the birth of a child or the completion of some other long awaited creative venture. This is a time to be feeling good about yourself and those closest to you. Give freely of your heart and you'll be flying high.


Astro Insight

Mars in Pisces


Examples With Other Cards

The Ten of Cups is a card that will enhance the positive and negative. If you have a heap of contradictory cards such as the Three of Swords with this one, then it's possible the emotion felt will be sadness. You need to bear in mind that this card is a fast mover. The emotion is fleeting, and it'll last for as long as you hold onto it for good and bad.