Six of Swords

The Meaning


Travel. Movement towards more peaceful times.


Going Deeper

There is ease of movement through difficult times when the six shows up, and whilst conditions may not be entirely pleasant there is an indication of detachment from distress. It could be that you can get just enough space to deal with the situation more rationally. Whatever the circumstances, the Six of Swords is saying that you are protecting yourself  (to some degree) from identifying too strongly with challenging emotional situations.


Astro Insight

Mercury in Aquarius. Those who have this placement in their natal chart can switch off to practically anything to concentrate on other matters. It is rational thought in the extreme but gives shelter from being emotionally swamped.


Examples With Other Cards

With any of the difficult cards such as the three, five, eight, nine or ten of swords it indicates a place of mental safety and can be taken as a good sign. With The Chariot, it's more likely to suggest travel by air. The Hanged Man could imply that time is needed to take a look at things from a different perspective.