Six of Discs

The Meaning


Charity. Generosity. Giving to those less fortunate.


Going Deeper

This is certainly a better sign than it's predecessor yet it still doesn't promise riches. What we have here is the energy necessary for long-term growth. The six promises that our needs will be met for the next few months but that we have to give as much as we receive to build a momentum so that we may move forward into the next stage. If we do well here, then we may be allowed to skip straight into the nine or even 10 of pentacles. The timing of six months is common with this card, and it can often signify a time of good food, comfort and enjoying time with others. It's still too early to break out the champagne, but you are already over half way to where you need to be. There's an element of charity within this card - we may be asked, expected or just feel compelled to share more with others less fortunate, or we could be on the receiving end of someone else's generosity.


Astro Insight

The six of pentacles is related to the Moon in Taurus. There is emotional stability in the current circumstances, yet further work is needed to achieve complete satisfaction.


Examples With Other Cards

The Empress will suggest that you may need to share food or emotional warmth whereas The Hierophant suggests wisdom or advice being given to someone in need.