Six of Cups

The Meaning


Happiness. Birth. Strong bonds.


Going Deeper

Within the six is a sense of familiarity and it can be a little bit complex to understand. There are memories here, but one can never be sure where they come from. It'll frequently come up when relationships somehow feel fated and points a finger to the past for further understanding. These roads have been travelled before, and are being frequented again, and there is a feeling of comfort that comes through. Sometimes the six can indicate the birth of a child. Joy is present, yet it has stronger roots than the three of cups. The autumn time could be especially intense. This card offers a degree of emotional stability and promises that bonds made can endure life's challenges. The door is always left open as the connections made are deep. This card is not just about intimate relationships with a significant other.


Astro Insight

Sun in Scorpio. An opportunity to transform and regenerate.


Examples With Other Cards

With The High Priestess, The Moon, and The Hermit it can indicate someone who is deeply reflective and quite sensitive to their surroundings. With the other positive cup cards, it points to happiness on the home front. With The Fool, a friendship that lasts forever yet they may come and go with the tide. Don't be afraid to give them the freedom they need; they will come back.