Seven of Swords

The Meaning


Futility. Being caught between what you want and having it.


Going Deeper

I've found that the seven has a couple of different angles. One is that we can get caught in a cycle of wanting something but believing we can't have it. The other is that there is some sneaky and underhand behaviour going on. This behaviour may be us, or it could be someone close, and its position in the reading should clarify this. Many cards will depict a thief: sometimes it will be literal, but it mostly shows up when someone is behaving dishonourably, such as having an affair or another inappropriate relationship. Generally, I look to see if there is the presence of the three of swords, seven of cups or nine of swords close by to confirm this. When the Seven of Swords is in a reading, it is usually the stage just before the act of betrayal..the person is thinking about doing something that induces thoughts of guilt. 


Astro Insight

Moon in Aquarius. A need to be emotionally detached but too much detachment means the emotions aren't being given any weight whatsoever, and there will be a coldness and too much emphasis on logic. This particular card was given the astrological connection of the Moon in Aquarius. Traditionally speaking, the Moon doesn't sit well in this sign because of the need for emotional space. It's possible that whoever the dark figure represents, has a conflict between strong desires for intimacy and a need for space. If you're lucky enough to have chart details, check they haven't got either Scorpio and Aquarius prominent or Uranus and Pluto aspecting their inner planets.


Examples With Other Cards

I don't like this card when it turns up with any of the following: the Seven of Cups (thinking about infidelity and probably already emotionally removed from the relationship), the three, the eight, or nine of swords (considering an act of betrayal), The Moon (deception) or The Magician (trickery).