Seven of Discs

The Meaning


Failure. Delays. Waiting.


Going Deeper

An odd card really because on the one hand it quite clearly indicates that some success has already been enjoyed yet it somehow didn't nourish the soul. Timing with this card speaks of months; it always indicates longer than what is expected. The lesson with this card is that sometimes we have to wait for the sense of achievement. We may crave the success of the ten of discs or even the ease of the nine but for now, we have to work hard. If we do have rewards to harvest we could question whether it was worth the effort, we somehow feel a bit let down even though we think we did our best. All is not lost here. It doesn't speak of destitution, just dissatisfaction with any progress made.


Astro Insight

The seven is aligned with Saturn in Taurus. Lessons to be learned about what it is that you value, try not to give into a sense of hopelessness because although there may not be much to do right now you can still start to make plans for the future. Persistence and endurance will pay off in the end.


Examples With Other Cards

With the Five of Discs, it could indicate a difficult period financially. If the eight, nine or ten of discs follows the seven, then it can be taken as a sign that any delays are temporary and as an assurance that you are on the right track.