Seven of Cups

The Meaning


Emotional void. Desire. Fantasy.


Going Deeper

Out of all the cups, this one is the most difficult to understand. The others all have a single objective but with the seven we have to wade through illusion and daydreams, lust and desire. There is no way of knowing if we are simply projecting our inner yearning onto another or if there is passion on both sides. The seven plays tricks on our insides by lighting fires in our genitals. It evokes visions that provoke our obsessions, and it wafts a musky incense under our nose. Senses will be heightened, but care needs to be taken because unless we can ground the energy into reality, we will be left with absolutely nothing except an insatiable lust that can't be satisfied. Attraction becomes almost addictive and actual addictions are a possibility. This card can indicate altered states of consciousness whether induced by drink, drugs or daydreams. Not a good card.


Astro Insight

Crowley assigned Venus in Scorpio to this card and traditionally speaking this says an awful lot of value is placed on fulfilling a desire. Venus in Scorpio conjures up images of Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family. It's a kind of deeply sensual, erotic; even death won't part us type of love. The keywords that frequently come up are obsession, passion, lust, and vengeance. The one thing that Venus in Scorpio hates is superficiality which may give us the key to unlocking this particular card.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Moon or The Hanged Man, it can be difficult to get a grip on reality. Unrealistic ideas are highly likely. With the Eight of Cups, it's easy to lose valuable energy through excessive fantasy.