Queen of Swords

The Meaning


A mature woman who prides herself on her the abilities of her rational mind. The lawyer. The business woman. The counsellor.


Going Deeper

This is the woman you need to turn to for advice. She will be impartial and fair. She gives clear communication and delivers opinions without being caught up in emotion. She isn't just going to tell you what you want to hear and if you're looking for tea and sympathy you need to find someone else. Negatively, she is cold and calculating and could struggle to be there as a friend when you're overly emotional. The Queen of Swords makes a good advisor because she's not easily swayed by sentiment. She prefers fairness above all else, and she can be relied on if you're trying to bring yourself back into balance.


Astro Insight

The air signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Crowley gives from 21' Virgo - 20' Libra. Justice will emphasise the Libran traits. The Magician will suggest Gemini and The Fool and The Star for Aquarius.


Examples With Other Cards

Often the Queen of Swords will show a part of your inner self that you pull out of the hat when you've been struggling to get a clear perspective. If you've been acting like a doormat or crying over nothing, then don't be surprised if you start acting out of character. With Justice, there could be a need to get a second opinion from someone who knows more than you do. The five, eight, or nine of swords could suggest that you need to ground yourself more as there could be too much rational thinking going on.