Queen of Discs

The Meaning


A practical woman concerned with issues on planet reality. May have a love of nature and the body. Sensuality and nurture.


Going Deeper

A naturally earthy woman. Concerns are mainly on the physical plane. She has a willingness to nurture others or animals. Needs a reliable connection to the earth either through her garden or possibly food. Grounded and realistic but may at times lack drive and motivation. Usually stable and practical but prone to depression if life becomes too mundane or if her efforts go unnoticed. This is one of the cards that can indicate motherhood and at the very least she will often have a strong need to be connected to family or will treat work colleagues like family.


Astro Insight

As with the other disc court cards, the Queen can represent someone who is Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn but the expression here is likely to be more mature. More emphasis on the positive aspects and less on the negative. Crowley gives from 21' Sagittarius - 20' Capricorn.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Moon, The Empress, the Princess of Discs, the Ace or three of discs and the ace or three of cups it will often indicate pregnancy and birth. With the other disc cards, it can be someone who is relevant in regards to work and business matters. The Hierophant will emphasise the stability that is around you and can be taken as a sign that on a physical level - things are safe.