Queen of Cups

The Meaning

Legacy of the Divine

Legacy of the Divine


A woman with insight into the emotional side of life. Caring and sensitive. Nurtures people and ideas. The human mirror.


Going Deeper

Sometimes this can represent a woman that is emotional in nature. Other cards around will indicate whether this person has good or not so good intentions but one thing is clear she is not a neutral party. Feelings are involved which means opinions are too, there is sensitivity present. There can be a lot of projection that takes place when this card appears. It may not be clear on whether you're seeing a person or situation as they truly are. If a situation seems to be all good or all bad, then there's a big chance you're not owning something inside yourself. A lot that is taking place right now may well be unconscious. Make sure you clarify what others are aware of. Don't assume anything until it is spoken out loud.


Astro Insight

The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Crowley gives from 21' Gemini - 20' Cancer. The Chariot and The High Priestess will both emphasise the Cancerian energy.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Moon, in particular, there can be powerful subconscious urges in play, and you may have to make more of an effort to stay grounded. On a positive side, it can be an amazing time for self-discovery.