Princess of Swords

The Meaning


A young and inquisitive person. A lover of mental gymnastics and words.


Going Deeper

When she represents a person, she is mentally sharp and inquisitive. This card shows someone who has a need to express ideas and whilst she may have some amazing qualities, the ability to read peoples emotions isn't one of them. The Princess of Swords is usually happiest when she's socialising and mixing with large numbers of people. If this card represents you, even if you're normally content with your own company you could find yourself wanting to get out more. This is not the time to be hiding away. Communication is likely to lean towards the superficial, but maybe it needs to be. Gossip is possible.


Astro Insight

The air signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The surrounding cards should help to clarify which signs are dominant. The Ten of Swords would say Gemini whereas Justice would be Libra.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Fool it could suggest an old friend coming back on the scene or maybe a new one that somehow feels familiar. With The Star it could indicate someone who brings a lot of positive energy into your life, or you could play this role for someone else.


Princess and Page are used interchangeably.