Princess of Discs

The Meaning


Represents a young person who has respect for material things. Feeling a need to establish oneself in the real world through work.


Going Deeper

The Princess of Discs is aware of her body and has an earthy charisma that will do what needs to be done on a practical level. She may still need to develop patience and endurance, but there is a willingness to learn. There is growth around her, and she wants to succeed on the material plane. The person that is represented by this card is a realist and won't be too keen on flights of fancy. She wants to see a visible result for her efforts.


Astro Insight

She can represent a young Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn woman or someone with an emphasis on Earth in the birth chart.


Examples With Other Cards

The Empress will emphasise the need to nurture others. The cards around her will show what she (or you) has to offer you in a practical way. The Two of Swords - she may help you to balance out your thoughts. Will sometimes indicate pregnancy if it appears with cards such as the Ace of discs. With other disc cards such as the eight, nine, and ten she could be very helpful with work projects that need more support.


Princess is interchangeable with Page.