Princess of Cups

The Meaning


A sensitive young person. Receptive and artistic. A dreamer. Imaginative and compassionate.


Going Deeper

The Princess of Cups can often indicate the birth of new feelings, yet there is frailty here, things need to be nurtured, and trust is only just beginning to form. Feelings are genuine. This card will often indicate that someone is ready to open their heart and love again. It doesn't just have to be about romance and can suggest new friendships too but with depth. There's nothing superficial here and whoever it represents genuinely does care. The Princess of Cups will often signify a period where we are learning to feel secure in the company of others.


Astro Insight

The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


Examples With Other Cards

Cups: with the Ace, Two, Three, Nine, and Ten it's likely to indicate new romance or recovery from difficulties with a current partner. With The Fool: Friendship will be important and bring many blessings. The High Priestess: You could be going through a strong healing phase. The Empress: Warm feelings and plenty of nurturing.


Princess and Page are used interchangeably.