Prince of Discs

The Meaning


Practical thinking. Ambition. Concerned with building a secure and stable future. Issues around the body.


Going Deeper

The younger version of the king. Materialistic and ambitious for status. Has desires to create a lasting legacy. This card can show material increase is on its way. Good news around work but a need to keep working hard if comfort is to be achieved. Laziness must be overcome. Sometimes shows a move to a quieter location with plenty of natural scenery, even if it's a city location it will overlook a park or pond of some description. The Prince always demands action and will often indicate a new person coming into play. Because this Prince has connections to earth, he's looking for money, your body or another physical connection. This card can also indicate a need to take more exercise or that the physical body needs attention.


Astro Insight

Can represent a young Taurean, Virgo, or Capricorn male or someone with an emphasis on Earth in the birth chart. Crowley linked this card specifically to 21' Aries - 20' Taurus.


Examples With Other Cards

The cards closest to this one will show what this Prince is bringing. With other disc cards he could be coming to increase your wealth but if the five shows up you may need to be careful as the negative side of this card can indicate someone who drains (not enhances) you on a physical level.


Prince and Knight are interchangeable.