Nine of Swords

The Meaning


Mental cruelty (usually self-cruelty). Obsessive thoughts that keep you awake at night.


Going Deeper

An unpleasant card indicating extreme mental anguish. Sometimes it can be self-inflicted through excessive self-doubt and self-criticism whilst at other times it can show the battle that takes place mentally when we have had a fall out with someone close. Insomnia can be a problem at this time or disturbing dreams that linger upon waking. Sometimes this card can imply guilt, the guilt may or may not be warranted. When this card appears it's always worth checking that you are not berating yourself unnecessarily or that low self-esteem isn't causing additional problems. The Nine of Swords usually indicates acute phases - short and temporary bouts of anguish rather than it being a chronic (long-term) problem.


Astro Insight

Mars in Gemini which implies too much thinking and talking and not enough action or maybe you're arguing about things that are of little importance? Distance needs to be gained so that an increase in perspective can occur.


Examples With Other Cards

With The Moon: It could be that your worries have a deeper origin than you are currently realising, subconscious urges are the most likely the problem here. The High Priestess: Your intuition could be working overtime, but unless you communicate your fears, you're not going to know whether you're right or not.