Nine of Discs

The Meaning


Good work. Earning money from talent. Gain on a physical level. Loving service.


Going Deeper

A good card. This speaks of loving your work and using your inner gifts to make money. There is happiness here and whilst the ultimate success has still not arrived there is confidence that it will do in time. The nine of discs speaks of perfection but not in a negative sense. It's doing your work to the highest of your ability because you want to, it comes from an inner drive to give your best effort every time. This card is a frequent visitor to those who are self-employed and rely on their nurtured talents to survive. I like this card because it implies a certain amount of gracefulness in how you're going about your business. Regardless of the question asked this card says to maintain your dignity and composure, you are taken seriously, and people will respect your input. A period of growth on the physical level.


Astro Insight

It's linked to Venus in Virgo and whilst it does indicate perfection in work this can sometimes be to the detriment of love and this card is a reminder that you do in fact have time for both.


Examples With Other Cards

With the Six of Wands, it can indicate great success and recognition through work. With the Ace of Discs, it can indicate a new work venture that will be successful. The High Priestess - time spent alone may be enjoyed more than usual; there's no rush to engage with others.