Nine of Cups

The Meaning


Wishes fulfilled. Blessings. Emotional abundance.


Going Deeper

I actually like the nine as it represents the stage where we feel satisfied, happy and comfortable. There is a feeling of joy that is stable and circumstances are positive and often something that has been wanted or desired for a long time has finally manifested under the nine of cups. This is the achievement of near perfection in emotional matters, and as such is a welcome sight in any reading, you may not have the best house, clothes or whatever but at this stage in your life, you have managed to achieve something of real value on an inner level. You'll be feeling blessed and appreciated, what more could you ask for? If life doesn't seem to be showing any signs of the above, then you may need to evaluate what's important to you. You could have a lot more than what you think.


Astro Insight

Jupiter in Pisces


Examples With Other Cards

This card will brighten up any spread and even if the rest of the reading is looking pretty dire the nine of cups will give a major respite to any negative issues that may be dominating life. If you get good cards, then the ones closest to this card should indicate the nature of the wish being granted.