King of Swords

The Meaning


A professional man that has ambition and drive. He can cut through to the heart of a situation.


Going Deeper

Often represents an authority figure so there could be official dealings coming up. When it represents a person, he can be very good at teaching and giving direction but may not always have a good grasp on the practical/physical outcome of his ideas. Like the Queen of Swords, he can be slow to offer emotional support but is great if you're trying to stay focused on the things that need to be done. He doesn't want to hear about how you feel because he's too interested in wanting to know what you think. He'll respect you for your mental abilities but could get annoyed if you're the type that attracts lame ducks.


Astro Insight

Air signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Crowley gives from 21' Taurus to 20' Gemini.


Examples With Other Cards

Swords: With the two he could be here to help you make an important decision. If he shows with the three and ten of swords, he may be a heart breaker. The Magician: There could be some trickery going on, make sure you have all the facts. The Eight of Discs would be an assurance that things are being done by the book.