King of Discs

The Meaning


The businessman. The vet. The Gardner. The reliable one. Has respect for family, tradition and the state.


Going Deeper

An older man who is secure in work. Often he is well established in his chosen field. Like the Queen, he is practical and realistic, yet he may be considered a bit dull and lifeless at times even though he is a great provider and a steady and reliable husband. Touch is important and like all disc court cards he can be very sensual with a healthy appetite for both food and sex. This card represents a man who will sacrifice his dreams to maintain the status quo if he has to. He is not a risk taker and prefers gradual growth to get rich quick schemes. He has little time for fantasy and can be ruthless in his desire to achieve status. Obstacles won't bother him but chaos will.


Astro Insight

The King of Discs represents the stable Taurean, Virgo, or Capricorn energy. Surrounding cards will help to identify the strongest earth sign in play. Crowley gives from 21' Leo - 20' Virgo.


Examples With Other Cards

As with the other disc court cards, he can be a sign of someone bringing a practical benefit into your life. With The Hierophant he can indicate an enduring relationship, usually marriage or something as good as.