King of Cups

The Meaning


An understanding person. Often connected to counselling or caring for others in the community. Successful mastery of the emotions. The listener.


Going Deeper

This can be the knight in shining armour. He understands without you having to say anything at all. The King of Cups can represent someone who is very much in tune with his feminine side. I've had some odd results from the king and have often found him to represent a man that has split himself in two. He will show up frequently when triangles are in play and will signify that although his heart yearns to be with his beloved - he feels unable to break away from his responsibilities and commitments. He always signifies a man that is in touch with his emotional self yet action needs to be seen elsewhere in the reading to establish how a relationship with this person will progress. Most will suggest this card represents a man that is kind, caring and sensitive; I say be careful until you know the story behind him.


Astro Insight

The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Crowley gives from 21' Aquarius - 20' Pisces. The Death card or the six of cups would emphasise the Scorpio energy. The Hanged Man and The Moon will bring more Pisces to the table.


Examples With Other Cards

With the Three of Wands, he's likely to be honest and outspoken and therefore more trustworthy. Earth and fire in the reading will help to balance things out, but if it's all or mostly water, then the imagination could be running wild.